1. Location: Arnavutköy is situated in the European part of Istanbul, specifically in the northwest of the city, along the Black Sea coastline.
  2. Coastal Beauty: The area boasts 22 km of beautiful beaches adorned with restaurants, cafes, and tourist hotels, making it a popular destination for food enthusiasts and tourists.
  3. Population and Area: Arnavutköy covers a vast area of 453 square kilometers and has a population of approximately a quarter of a million residents.
  4. Infrastructure and Services: Despite its rural charm, Arnavutköy offers a range of features, including government and private hospitals, educational and cultural centers, and commercial stores, catering to the needs of its residents.
  5. Contrasting Character: Arnavutköy’s simple rural character stands in contrast to the noise, congestion, and pollution of the city of Istanbul, offering a more serene living environment.
  6. Water Source: Arnavutköy serves as the main source of freshwater that nourishes Istanbul, making it an essential area for the city’s water supply.
  7. Moderate Climate: The region enjoys a moderate climate, with cool winters featuring rainfall and mild summer temperatures, making it an inviting place to reside.
  8. Public Transportation: Arnavutköy benefits from various public transportation options, providing easy travel for residents to different areas of Istanbul. Plans are underway to connect the area to the metro system in the near future, further enhancing accessibility.

Why Choose Arnavutköy for Real Estate Investment?

  1. Major Investment Projects: Arnavutköy is considered the home of large-scale investment projects in Istanbul, including the ambitious New Istanbul Canal and the massive Istanbul Third Airport. These projects offer exceptional investment prospects.
  2. New Istanbul Canal: The planned waterway will connect the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, creating opportunities for properties with views overlooking the canal.
  3. Istanbul Third Airport: As the largest airport in the world, its presence enhances the investment value of the entire region.
  4. Modern City Planning: Arnavutköy’s new city plan features a modern civil system, with various zones for residential, commercial, and mixed-use purposes, as well as schools, universities, and public parks.
  5. Development Potential: The area’s proximity to expanding regions like Başakşehir and the new airport, along with strategic projects nearby, is expected to increase the demand for investment lands in Arnavutköy.
  6. Potential Price Increase: As land deeds are converted from agricultural to investment and construction lands, their current prices are significantly lower compared to their potential value in the future.
  7. Investment Opportunities: With the current opportunity for investment in agricultural lands, individuals can begin their investment journey in Arnavutköy with a starting budget of $150,000.
  8. Professional Assistance: A team is available to provide inquiries and detailed explanations about available investment opportunities in the region.


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